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Organic Agriculture

One aspect of living and farming organically is to respect and honor the area that we are camping in.  These are some guidelines that we will follow and we recommend always following these principles when camping in the outdoors:


        Leave site cleaner than found

        Leave no trace

        Tents should not be set up in meadow areas- for they are fragile environments

        Dishes are to be washed in a tub 30m away from streams, rivers and lakes

        Only environmentally-safe soap should be used


Fire Safety

        Fires should be kept to a minimum at all times

        Always have water or sand on hand

        Do not burn plastic or toxic materials

        Use only fallen wood

        Completely extinguish fire before leaving- don’t leave burning embers




Basic Outdoor Principals

  • Pack out more than you pack  in (carry more with you when you leave than when you came- especially garbage)
  • Pick up garbage along the way
  • Stay on marked trails
  • Clean up ammunition
  • Don’t remove wildlife, marine life or indigenous plants from the area
  • Don’t leave cigarette butts or bottle tops- they only pollute the area for the next campers


Other Tips

  • Travel and explore on week-days and during the off-season to lighten the traffic
  • Use local transportation and/or bicycles to be eco-friendly
  • Support the local economy

In all cases, find ways to creatively save water, energy and the planet.  Remember, always leave the campsite how you would like to find it- naturally.


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For more information call: 961-3-381-733

Eco Village * Dmit River * Shouf Mountains* Lebanon