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Organic Agriculture

We are a group of friends who have become partners promoting agrotourism. The first ecological farm to offer this is Eco Village. It was started organically, and we want to not only see it continue but also see a whole network of organic farms spring up in Lebanon. 
The most resourceful way to sustain an organic farm is through agrotourism.  As Lebanon is lacking in this area, we have come together to make it possible for anyone  to learn and participate in this activity.
Engineers, agriculturists, farmers, philosophers, ecologists, nature-loving businessmen, cooks and musicians have put their minds together to organize this network.
We love nature and we love to have fun.  We plan on making this experience accesible to all who are interested!


We are being certified by the IMC,
under the management of World Vision.

Eco Village * Dmit River * Shouf Mountains* Lebanon